Depression is a very common yet serious health problem in today’s life. The major concern with this health issue is that their symptoms are very difficult to pick up and detect when problem just starts taking over the human senses. In most cases the depression goes completely unnoticed until the problem reaches the very end stage, making the person who is suffering from this mind boggling issue to take his own life. All this is because of inappropriate and untimely diagnoses of this ailment. To say that depression is a genetic defect or a hereditary condition would be a complete lie. Depression is born out of human’s consciousness, the conditions or situations in life that push an individual to the brink of emotional breakdown. But there is one thing that people suffering from this serious ailment always wonder about, why is it has to be them? Why is life so cruel to them in particular? Why are the people around him happy and peaceful in their lives and he is struggling to survive even the very next moment?


To help people who are fighting this health and mental issue every single day, we just want to say that your past life and the planetary movements play a quintessential role in determining the course your health will take in the future. Apart from medication and therapies, you need serious consultation and health sessions tocope with this health hurdle. Otherwise you can always find your answers in spiritual healing. Being an Indian astrologer in US, Guru Raghavendra Ji is graciously offering his divine astrological solutions as one of top astrologer globally to people from all walks of life. His intuitive and conductive research and in –depth analyzes of the applications of Vedic Astrology and Indian Ancient astrology has enabled him to serve the people from around the world for the past many years. Understanding the toughness and roughness of today’s life and how negatively it has been impacting people who are living it, Guru Raghavendra Ji is providing remedies to the people suffering from the depression, taking into account their current situation, what pushed them towards this health problem, how serious is the issue and what astrological solutions can help the person cope and come out of this phase of life.







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