Everything going wrong

Everything going wrong

Are you tired of your luck? Do you feel that destiny has always doomed you in everything you have done in your life? Is misfortune making your life a living hell? Is your bad luck making everything good in your life wrong? Do you always live under the constant fear of facing rejection, disappointment and failure? Do you feel that people around your, even your friends and relatives keep a good distance from you because they feel you bring bad luck? These emotions, feelings and negative thoughts that an individual fight with every day is a pure case of the situations where they think they would achieve milestone but instead have to face failure. When they keep on loosing friends, when a lover doesn’t stick by his/her side for quite long, when they keep on getting rejections from every interviewer or job they have applied for,


when their colleagues only see them as your biggest enemy and competitor, rather than a good friend, when their business is incurring huge losses, when in every job position they end up getting fired and everything in life ends up in a big mess.These situations in life indicate that their life is a big jumble of bad luck and they are never coming out of it. But, there is one person who can push bad luck away from your life with his expertise in Indian Ancient Astrology- Guru Raghavendra Ji. Guru Raghavendra Ji is a knowledgeable, intuitive and highly recognized personality in the U.S. He has been practicing Vedic and Indian Ancient Astrology for the past many years and relieving all those people who are suffering from some or the other life issue. Guru Raghavendra Ji is an optimist and feels that for every problem, there is a solution. Astrology is the best solution to ward off the difficulties, negative energy and bad luck that is likely to be faced by most of the people at some point in life. Guru Raghavendra Ji is proficient in suggesting astrological remedies for bad luck with a number of rituals and tantric protection gems.







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