Marriage problem

Marriage Problem

There are some facts that are considered in Vedic Astrology when finding the solutions to the increasing marriage problems and husband-wife disputes. Guru Raghavendra Ji takes into account these principles of Vedic Astrology to find solutions for all marriage troubles and hurdles. He examines the presence of “dusht” or unlucky planets in the 7th house of the natal charts of both the husband and wife. What is the negative impact of such maleficent planets on the 7th house of the couple and the neighboring houses that are in close proximity?  How the wrong placement of the lord of the 7th house is playing with the lives of the two individuals? Ill-nature and status of the four of the most crucial houses of the birth chart 7th, 5th, 11th, and 2nd. Marriage is a blissful union and the marital bliss is something mere syllables can’t express or convey its depth.


Initially, all the beginnings are smooth, but somewhere between, the path starts getting uneven and jostle with lots of troubles. Marriage is just like that, difference of opinions, poles-apart mindsets and the lack of compromising nature on both parts lead to never-ending husband-wife relationship problems and situations you might have never imagined in your wildest of dreams. These husband-wife disturbances, which can put an end to the happy and promising marital life, can be resolved through the divine power of astrology by none-other than our Guru Raghavendra Ji. With Guru Raghavendra Ji’s prodigious astrological solutions whatever husband-wife problems you and spouse are witnessing on a daily basis will be cured and the results will be miraculous. He has been practicing the science and art of Vedic Astrology for a very long time and making the marital lives of disturbed spouses peaceful, breathable, prosperous and alive again. To suggest couples the right solution for their variegated marital problems, our highly opinionated and experienced astrologer first conducts a critical analysis of the above-mentioned factors and devise solutions accordingly.







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