Depression is a very common yet serious health problem in today’s life. The major concern with this health issue is that their symptoms are very difficult to pick up and detect when problem just starts taking over the human senses.

Sensing evil & enemy

Take help of our experienced and widely recognized Indian Astrologer in Toronto, Canada to get rid of evil spirits and enemies lurking around in every corner of your life. Give yourself a free life and peace of mind by freeing yourself

Black magic removal

Black magic is one of the horrendous crimes that someone uses against a person to play with his/her mental health and peace. Black magic incorporates the aura of evil spirits to destroy someone’s life or to harm them severely.

Everything going wrong

Are you tired of your luck? Do you feel that destiny has always doomed you in everything you have done in your life? Is misfortune making your life a living hell? Is your bad luck making everything good in your life wrong?

Love problems

Lost love is one of the most heartbreaking, emotionally draining experiences of all human experiences. When you get separated from your love and there is no way of getting them back you feel yourself

Marriage problem

There are some facts that are considered in Vedic Astrology when finding the solutions to the increasing marriage problems and husband-wife disputes. Guru Raghavendra Ji takes into account these principles of Vedic Astrology


Are you tired of travelling back and forth to your office and home so you can make a living and survive each day by earning pennies? Are you on a lookout for a quicker and faster way to earn money,

Court cases

There is not even a single human being in this world who is not dealing with difficulties, health issues and personal problems, which are not only complex but are also physically and emotionally draining.

Money problems

Today money has become a quintessential factor in determining how a person will spend his today and his future. Our complete lifestyle revolves around this factor. The era in which we are living today is filled with judgments


 Drinking is the reason of fall and failure in life for many people. From forty-year old gentlemen to fifteen year old amateurs every generation is coming in the clutches of this senses-slowing addiction. We are living in an era


Acute jealously is like a leach. It prays on the human mind and consumes all the rational thoughts floating in a normal human mind, bounding them to act like a completely abnormal person and do abnormal acts.

Job problem

To stay unemployed and without a ray of hope of a blooming and promising career even after working so hard and successfully completing the higher studies is something